Promoting Safety in Sports

A common misconception among youths engaging in sports is they are tough if they are able to still get into the game despite injury. This illusion usually leads to bigger problems and could even lead to instances of fatalities. In sports, safety is a primary concern and several bills have been enacted to protect young athletes from tragic danger.

In California, one of the most prolific healthcare advocates is Mary Hayashi. Mary has an arsenal of legislative achievements whilst working as an Assemblywoman in the state.

The development of the economy, health and public safety are just some of the areas that she has championed with her legislations. The AB 25 is a law that she has drafted for the state, which protects young athletes from fatal injuries. With the passing of AB 25, California became one of the states that has very tough guidelines in allowing students athletes from returning to play.

Any student athlete who is suspected to have a head injury is right away prohibited from playing the game under this law. Without a the clearance from a health care professional and the authority given by the legal guardian, young athletes are completely removed from any game and even during practices. The law drafted by Hayashi provides safekeeping for athletes and decreases the likelihood of severe injury because of a concussion.

The enthusiasm that athletes show to return to the game right away after having a concussion increases the likelihood of sustaining another incident. Intensified brain injury will result to a possible coma, and worse, death.

During the reading of the bill, several local and national athletes showed their support. Mary presented facts about the memory-related diseases that athletes are suffering because of a concussion. Additionally, these diseases are even experienced after the retiring age of these athletes. Before the AB 25 became a law in the state of California in 2011, The National Football League has shown their support for the bill.

The AB 25, is one of the greatest achievements of Mary Hayashi and to date, it continues to provide protection for young athletes. While the law is inherent in the state of California, several laws are applied in different states that promote sports safety.

Any school district that has their own athletic program is expected to abide to any laws that continue to protect the interests and welfare of their athletes. The school should also have the their own initiatives to provide medical services in relation to any athletic events. Information drive for the prevention of sports injuries is an initiative that every school should roll out as more kids engage in sports. Having the right equipment is not the only consideration in sports safety as it also involves the supervision of athletes.